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A photography Studio in New York, Washington DC and London that covers the world

Alakija Studios is a Photography Boutique specializing mainly in Portraiture, Wedding and Street documentary Photography. We love to tell stories, plain and simple. We work tirelessly to capture every nuance of your unique story and present it in ways that will leave you turning the pages.

Our studio is fortunate to have representations in New York City, Washington D.C. and London, UK. Which means we are able to cover a lot more in the areas surrounding those cities.

We do this by having Jide Alakija, the Principal photographer in based in New York City and also covering New Jersey and Connecticut areas, Kirth Bobb based in Washington D.C. and also covering the Maryland and Virginia areas and Ayo Akinwumiju based in Manchester, England covering the United Kingdom.









We are all about your preserving memories


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Something to look forward too

We are story tellers who love photography and we work to capture every nuance of your day. To us every couple are unique and in turn their wedding will be different from the last we covered. It's important to us that we get to capture the uniqueness of your day. As a result we tailor our packages to meet your specific requirements.


Our approach to you



We are very proud of our work and we want you to be too. Feel free to explore the world of the people we have worked with and the places we have been. 


We have something to shout about


Here are some of the things our past clients are saying about us

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Robert & Colette

...without a doubt you are one of the best decisions I’ve made for my wedding (well besides my hubby). Words can’t explain the gratitude 🙏 I have for you capturing exactly what I saw in your work those candies. The day was magical and captured all the magic that happen that day. It was definitely worth the wait. I literally didn’t sleep and didn’t focus on work I looked at those moments over and over and over and just in case I didn’t stress it over again. You are phenomenal and I for one am truly elated for your hard works and glad you were apart of the team that day. Continue to show case your work and don’t be surprise if I book you for every other event for the rest of my life... get use to coming to The Bahamas 🇧🇸. #thanks

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Ayo & Jennifer

Every brides dream is to have the perfect wedding. We spend months...even years planning this special day. When it's all over you sit down and realize how quickly the day went by. All you are left with are your memories. 

Jide Alakija's excellent photography of our engagement shoot and wedding allows us relive our special moments daily. His unique insight into capturing a moment leaves us amazed everytime. In our encounters with him we could see the passion and enthusiasm he has for his work and for his clients. He made us look fabulous. He caught moments we never would have seen had it not been for his keen attention to detail. His use of color and distinct ability to create vivid images are unparalleled. It is evident in his previous work, and consistent; this is why we chose him. 

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important elements of a wedding. Alakija studios delivered above and beyond our expectations.

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2018-06-23-Wedding-Jide Alakija-Toronto-Anmol and Simran-05158.jpg

Anmol & Simran

I was looking for someone who could document our wedding well as this was the most important thing or my wife and me. We were looking for a photographer who could capture moments as well as give us timeless portraits; it is very difficult to find a photographer who can offer this complete package. Often times couples just look at Instagram and finalize their photographer, but to fully judge a photographer’s skill you have to look their full gallery. I am photographer and I have never seen such a flawless full product like the one Jide produces. Every image has a reason to exist and has been processed very well. During 14 hours of wedding photography, Jide photographed with more than 100 percent attention span. There were shots that we never thought could be captured that he somehow managed to capture for us.  

5 reasons why you need to hire Alakija Studios: 

  1. Jide gives his 100 percent on the wedding; trust me even more than 100 throughout the day.
  2. Very professional services, you are investing in reliability as well as art here. They care about their clients.
  3.  Full gallery images are so cohesive, and every image is its own work of art. 
  4. They understand how to light images and how to edit different skin tones very well. 
  5. You will feel how genuine their overall product is. 

As a photographer myself I feel so privileged to have had Jide and Alakija Studios document our wedding. Jide immortalized some moments which I am sure no one else could have been able to capture. 

Thank you Alakija Studios!
Anmol & Simran

Watch their slideshow, Day 1 & Day 2


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If you'd like to get in touch with us to hear more about what we can do for you please feel free to either email us at info@alakija.com, otherwise complete the inquiry form below as we would very much like to hear from you.